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Finding The Right Plumber In Virginia

People learn through experience, and since I’ve used a lot of plumbers over the years, I’ve gained a lot of experience on how to pick a good one. Initially I started with the idea that all plumbers are essentially the same, but there are differences among them that make some plumbers great, and others ones that anyone should stay far away from at all costs. Here are some things that Virginia residents should look for when choosing the right plumber.

Although there are exceptions in some states, most require plumbers to be licensed before they can practice, and Virginia is no different. If the plumber is operating without a license, don’t use them, because they haven’t been officially approved by the state, and their work will reflect that.

Make sure that the plumber is bonded and insured. Being bonded and licensed means that if anything happens, you are not responsible, and also you will be compensated if the plumber fails to complete their agreed upon task. Hiring a plumber without bonding or insurance can leave you with a messy lawsuit that will cost more money than the initial plumbing job did.

The length of time that a plumber has been in business is an important factor. While it may be possible to find a good plumber who has a short amount of time in the business, you’re more likely to find a good one if they’ve been around for years. Plumbing companies with significant age are usually larger and have a lot more experience, which most likely results in more positive feedback from customers.

Everyone wants to have the right price for the job, but don’t be so quick to pay for the lowest price. Get multiple estimates from different plumbers for the most accurate idea of how much a plumbing job will cost. Any prices that look abnormally cheap can be a sign that the plumber is trying to cut corners or uses substandard parts in their work, which could cause damage and you’ll have to spend more money in the long run.

Plumbers should stand by their work with a warranty. The warranty will ensure that their work is covered for a year or in some cases, even longer. Any plumber who doesn’t have a warranty shouldn’t be considered because if their work doesn’t hold up, they won’t come back to fix it unless you shell out more money.

The next time you search for a plumber in Virginia, hopefully you’ll remember this advice. You’ll have a positive experience and save time and money.