Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded

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Shirley S. Lipscomb to Nathan Adams and Larry W. Adams. Lot 3, Lyttleton Lane, $110,000

Nicholas C. and Christy M. Bartholomew to Joshua E. and Caitlin R. Blaski. Lot 7, 5 acres, Monacan Forest, Pedlar District, $207,500

Nancy Ellen Abrams Henson to John A. and Tammy C. Bethune. Lot 11, Lynwood Forest, 5 acres, $235,000

Susan Kyle Murphy and Donna Kyle Dichter to Casey J. Campbell. Parcel, 3.026 acres, Courthouse District, $152,000

Sara Easter to Thomas S. Campbell. Lot 13, Pleasant Ridge Estates, Elon District, $220,000

Sharon Litchford to Regina G. Casey. Lot 4, section 1, Mill Run Subdivision, Courthouse District, $111,250

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Sheila M. Roper, trustee to James Kenneth Gray and Brian Christopher Gray. Lot 13, Western Way Subdivision, Stonewall District, $29,000

Rose S. Richardson to Ralph A. and Susan A. Pezza. Parcel, 7 acres fronting Va. 620, Cloverhill District, $147,300

William S. Grimes to Andrew J. and race L. Howard. Parcel, 33.4 acres, fronting Va. 26, Stonewall District, $189,500

Carlton E. Womack and Kathy O. Womack to Terry Anderson. Lot 2, 2,601 acres, Southside District, $29,900

Emma Jackson, Maggie Thornton, Clara Jackson and Andre Austin to Albert T. Randolph Sr. Parcel, Va. 608, Stonewall District, $26,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

Sean and Carolyn Beville to Evick Properties LLC. Lot 8B, section B, Beechwood West, Lakes District, $472,500

Susan B. Water, trustee to Kevin S. Giles and Amy K. Johnson. Lot 6, The Reach at Gross Point, Lakes District, $465,000

Lauri Ann Dove to Gary D. and Lisa Haskins. Lot 1, 7.667 acres, Lakes District, $380,000

Toni P. Orange, trustee to Sharon L. Mattson, Harvey W. Mattson and Lori K. Mattson. Lot 2, 2,074 acres, Lakes District, $250,000

Elton R. Vaughan and Brenda L. Vaughan to Mitchell L. and Megan S. Scott. Lot 1, Confederate Ridge, Blue Ridge District, $237,000

Tim J. Toohig and Lonzie L. Linkous Jr. to Mark W. and Anne M. Backer. Lot 24, Waterside, Lakes District, $172,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Andrea M. Mazey. Lot 2, 5 acres, Blue Ridge District, $158,000

Bryan J. and Erica N. Leschensky to Paula Diane Brown. Parcel, Va. 871, 1.5 acres, Lakes District, $107,000

Bernard C. Key and Ruby D. Key to Edward Eugene Nickols and Irene Purvis Nickols. Lot 4 and 5, Center District, $40,000

Michael McMaugh to Jeanette Ariel Kotonias. Lot 2, Blue Ridge Ave., Town of Bedford, $150,000

David R. and Joy Lively to Matthew B. and Molly E. Short. Lot 28, section IV, The Woods on Wiggington, Jefferson District, $189,900

Irish Enterprises LLC to Stephen J. and Holly M.A. Vanderharr. Lot 36, section 13, Farmington at Forest, Jefferson District, $174,900

HLC Innovations LLC to Pachal LLC. Parcel, 17.272 acres, Center District, $400,000

Kymberlee A. Kulis and Kerr Wilkinson to Margaret M. McMichael. Lot 3, section 2, Meadow Wood, Jefferson District, $250,000

Jeffrey L. and Robin D. Cole to Nicole P. Nicholas. Lot 1A, 0.683 acres, Peaks District, $163,900

Campbell County

Cherylann Reedy to Cleolan E. and Connie M. Puckette. Lot 3, Twin Lakes Subdivision, $235,000

Roger Nowlin Jr., Ophelia C. Thomas, Mark E. Nowlin and Maurice L. Nowlin to Jason K. Lovern. Lot 1, block 2, Briar Cliff, $101,500

John P. Kirby Sr. and Brenda J. Kirby to Calvin S. Smith. 2 parcels, 1.41 acres, lot 8 and parcel B, 0.4698 acres, $90,000

Margaret C. Lyons to David M. and Mary H. Johnson. Lots A and B, 1.92 acres, near Va. 609, Long Mountain District, $270,000

Amy Queen to Devin E. Snelick. Lot 49, section 1, Braxton Park, $155,000

Robert R. and Tammy S. Jackson to Aaron and Amy Floge. Lot 24, section 3, Nottingham Forest, $215,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Phillip L. West. Parcel, Va. 43, 0.853 acres, $29,000

Carolyn M. Martin to Enyap Land and Realty LLC. Parcel, Sunburst Road, $46,000

Daniel M. and Nina S. Davenport to Bernard J. Davis Jr. Lot 27, Knollwood Subdivision, $148,900

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

Belem Investments LLC to George P. and Crystal W. Sax. Lots 7 and 8, block 1, Barksdale Place Subdivision, $75,000

Aaron T. Broman to Jeremie A. Davis. Lot 16, Tenbury Square Townhouses, $55,000

Matthew S. and Renee M. Burkey to Matthew J. Lipscomb. 111 Primerose Lane, $128,000

John Caleb and Jade Sanders to Jean W. Frank and Randall L. Frank. 4520 Golf Park Dr., $139,900

Lockewood Drive Trust to Andrew T. and Olivia R. Glover. Lot 25, Oak Meadows Subdivision, $214,700

Kevin and Jessica Winebarger to Shawn C. and Robin C. Butler. Lot 10, block 11, section A, Sandusky Acres Subdivision, $161,500

T.P.B. Enterprises LLC to Charles R. Grant. Lot 19, block G, Cornerstone Subdivision, $168,900

Michael P. Tomich to Lynwood and Judith Haden. Lot 25, Oak Meadows, $222,500

Lynwood and Judith P. Haden to Theodore Anthony Young. Lot 3, Brookville Village Subdivision, $219,500

LKC Investments LLC to Allen A. and Corann H. Harper. Parcel, amended block 92, Rivermont, plan B, $450,000

JCS Properties & Management LLC to Michael Benjamin and Courtney Mae Newhall. 110 Harrison St., $150,000

MDFM Properties LLC to Jones M. and Jeddy K. Kaleli and Mueni M. Mwendwn. Lot J24,block J, Cornerstone Subdivision, $168,900

Ronald L. and Patricia M. white to Herbert M. and Pamela Colleen Winegard. Lot 3, phase 1, Ivy Creek Park Subdivision, $348,000

Wesley R. and Ruthie C. Lawrence to AVI LLC. Lot 13, block 2, section C, Sandusky Acres Subdivision, $145,000

James W. Ellliott to Steven Behnke. Lot 26, section 3, Cedar Ridge Subdivision, $115,000

Braxton Park LLC to Melanie H. Chenault. Lot 4, block 1, unit 410 Wyndhurst Subdivision, $145,500

Building permits

Amherst County

Leonard Thomson, 1122 Roses Mill Road, addition, $79,000

James Noel, 442 Montrose Road, deck, $4,650

Amherst County Habitat for Humanity, 311 White Pine Road, new dwelling, $60,000

Trenton Richie Jr., 2032 Izaak Walton Road, sunroom, $4,000

Marvin Coblentz, 121 Blue Ledge Loop, deck, $3,000

Otis Morcom Jr., 126 Fernridge Court, storage shed, $8,000

R. Fralin Homes, lot 25, Wynbrooke Place, new dwelling, $113,160

Susan Oxner, 276 Cherry Hill Road, sunroom, $31,600

Randal Foster, 185 Fox Briar Lane, addition, $35,000

Pedlar Volunteer Fire Department Inc. 4893 Lexington Turnpike, alteration and repair, $4,000

Amherst County School Board, 165 Gordons Fairgrounds Road, HVAC and electrical renovations to Amherst Middle School, $1,617,080

Amherst County School Board, 147 Younger Dr., HVAC and electrical renovations to Elon Elementary School, $1,165,295

Amherst County School Board, 257 Trojan Road, HVAC and convert fuel oil to propane, $2,345,341

Deamein Carter, 877 High Peak Road, addition, $84,000

Natalie Smoot, 815 Thrasers Creek Road, new dwelling, $183,900

Michael Stengl, lot 14, Burgess Road, new dwelling, $225,000

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